About us

The Purple Staff is a label from Birdday IT (Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany) in collaboration with Desire InfoWeb (India). We have a database with excellent and available offshore IT resources.
You can rent them:
- Per hour without a project lead. You will take the lead your self. The communication language will be English;
- Per hour with the project lead from one of our headquarters. In this case, you will pay the extra lead hours for the same hourly rate. The communication languages can be English, Dutch or German.

Renting the resources can be done from at least 8 hours to multiple years. We will send an invoice after every calender week, and the payment period will be 14 days.

The contracts will be managed in Brussels and the payments will be done to a Belgium bank account. Our terms are leading.

We work always with the best IT specialists in the market and we garanty the best quality.

For more information: contact us